The Client and Us, Work Ethics


In Cochingyan & Peralta we put the interest of our clients and their business before our own. Our objective is to help clients meet their business needs by providing the highest quality legal services on a value-added, cost-effective basis. The strength of our client roster and the endurance of our client relationships attest to our success at meeting that objective.

Our lawyers work and use their different talents to maximize quality, efficiency and productivity for the good of our clients. We believe in service, integrity, solid judgment, and a genuine and personal dedication to our clients’ needs. These principles have sustained our growth for the past ten years.


The volatile business environment constantly presents new challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as investors. Now more than ever, managers and investors alike have come to require and demand individualized representation of the highest quality from their legal counsel. Our work is not merely competent, it is exceptional. We treat each and every one of our clients as partners and we combine outstanding professional skills with solid business judgment in order to ensure our client’s success.


At Cochingyan & Peralta, we work zealously on behalf of our clients but we do so with civility and in compliance with our Code of Professional Responsibility. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our services; not only in the results, but also in the value they have received. Our firm encourages creative approaches to especially complex situations but always within the bounds of law.


Dealing with a multinational clientele entails a global perspective. Our lawyers fully connect with our clients by understanding the clients’ background and their goals. Being knowledgeable not only about our clients’ business but also about their diverse cultures allows us to better meet their expectations and carry out their plans. In the same breath, our firm provides our clients with useful guidance on local systems and customs to ensure that our clients’ businesses will be able to prosper in the Philippine environment.