The Cochingyan & Peralta Law Offices offers a Summer Internship Program for aspiring law students. The program caters to those who are interested to experience law firm culture credited as part of their internship unit requirements.

The Summer Internship Program which began in 2006 is a structured program that ensures the exposure of the interns to varied aspects of the law practice with concentration on corporate, taxation and intellectual property matters.

During the internship program, the interns shall be introduced to law firm life and will be assigned work which will utilize their skills in research and legal writing. They may also be required to participate in meetings and interact with representatives of pertinent government and private agencies as well as with the firm’s diverse clientele.

Participants in the program will also be given a chance to attend seminars, lectures and other law-related events which will enhance their knowledge in specific fields of law and allow them to learn from experts in various areas of study.

The Summer Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for law students to get a glimpse of legal practice to enable them to determine the practical expertise they must develop for their professional life.

Interested applicants may personally submit their resumé with a copy of their latest transcript of records at the firm and will be advised of their interview schedule.


At the Cochingyan & Peralta Law Offices, we recognize exceptional skill and ability in the participants of the Summer Internship Program both in their performance in addressing law-related matters that are assigned to them during the program as well as their general demeanor and people skills when interacting with other members of the firm and the clients.

2009 Best Intern – Benedict C. Villalon
2010 Best Intern – Jacklyn Anne R. Ordonez
2011 Best Intern – Jennifer Anne Marie D. Cruz
2012 Best Intern – Krizia Fabico